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Not every product or brand is at a point in their brand development where they are prepared to hire a communications professional. However you may still deem it necessary to audit your brand presence and communication needs in order to make that determination. 

This session is an evaluation of your current brand assets and overall tone of the brand with its publics in order to offer a comprehensive communications strategic and tactical plan; it will also offer key public relations insights in order to empower the brand to determine communications needs.  The client should walk away from the initial consultation meeting with a clear understanding of next steps and needs as it relates to public relations.  The consultation is noncommittal and for information and business development purposes only. 

The cost is per hour and should last no longer than 1.5 hours. 


Public Relations Campaign

A integrated public relations campaign can change the trajectory of your marketing goals.  It should include a communications audit, asset and package development, media list development, deliberate and strong media relations, reporting and the ability to pivot and react in real time.  

Public Relations campaigns will vary per client and can be procured for a specific project or for retaining multiple services. 

Projects can include special event, a tentpole opportunity, release of a product like a book, film or music or creating media assets and packages.  

Our group will evaluate your needs in order for you to consider activating business with our group.


Bring dimension to your story

Developing and executing traditional PR while producing digital content and messaging to tell compelling stories through various mediums is critical to the growth of your brand. We are prepared to write treatments as well as develop and produce strong short content across multiple mediums to shape the narrative of your brand. The result should be an effortless integration of an emotional and functional production that provokes specific actions from your audiences.  View our production portfolio at thewellofflife.com.



Photos are one of the first steps in promoting your personal brand across multiple assets.  As public relations professionals, we have experience in producing advertising campaigns, executing publicity strategies, growing your personal brand with a clear understanding of how to communicate your narrative to multiple audiences.  

As a self taught photographer with over 15 years of public relations and marketing experience, photography from Micaeh Johnson becomes your entree to the next step in building your brand. The client will walk away with both photos as well as access to a seasoned and sought after public relations professional. 

Photography campaigns includes creative direction and retouching. Costs are determined by hours, number of looks and any need to expedite photos.   

 Visit niaanne.com for additional info and samples.