Client Situation: Common approached our group with a strong personal brand in both the music and film industries. However, feeling disconnected from his hometown of Chicago and his purpose, he wanted to take his foundation's awareness to be more reflective of his personal character; sensitive, aware, compassionate and present. 

Agency Solution: We created a 3-year PR plan that included aggressive media outreach, messaging support for fundraising events, content development across multiple mediums and partnerships with other nonprofits and corporations seeking to make an impact in underserved communities across the city of Chicago.  

Outcome: After 3 years of aggressive outreach, the foundation has grown to be recognized as one of the most empowering and impactful nonprofits started by an entertainer; taking in over 1M since the campaign's inception. The nonprofit is now appreciated for its gentle and assertive personality both in its fundraising and mentoring efforts.  Celebrities like the late Maya Angelou, Magic Johnson and Harry Belafonte contributed to the organization's efforts both with their time and financial campaigning.  


Trainer. Motivator. Author.

In the summer of 2014, Shaun T approached our group to raise the public profile of his personal brand and growing empire. Two amazing key learnings would blossom from this opportunity; the challenge to elevate an already reputable brand and engage largely, mass publics through an industry partnership (Beach Body). 

We would offer Shaun T both strong communication, brand partnership cultivation with the likes of Beach Body, Facebook and Amazon and creative support by creating visual packages to further engage media and shape Shaun T's message. What would come to be was a media and branding facelift that would garner the attention of fitness media community across the globe as well as the Real, Canada AM, the Rachael Ray Show, BBC, Modern Luxury, Ebony/Jet Magazine, NPR, and Fox News.

The media campaign would lead to endorsements with FILA, Core Power, a network television show, and the release of his very first book, "T is for Transformation".


A web series.

As Puja Mohindra entered the final stages for the post production for her web series, she procured our group for media relations and social media content and curation (Kikora Mason).  With 30 days out from the release and a new to some audiences, but must-know content creator and series, we would have to be dogmatic yet delicate in our approach with earned media.  Our digital visibility would have to communicate a presence longer and larger than our actual social existence and target a combination of both industry insiders and everyday consumers.  Both would have to align and move in tandem in order to support the tactics of the other; media outlets would visit the page in consideration of placement and drive followers to social. Social would guide the narrative in real-time. With two diverse yet savvy audiences in the media ecosystem, we were enthusiastic for wins that included key successes; multiple national placements, Chicago-area placements and 100 percent increase in social presence.   The results surpassed both our and the client’s goals. Social Media visibility increased 1000% and over 15M media impressions were generated including stories in the Washington Post, Bitch Media, and WGN Radio. "Geeta's Guide to Moving On" now has over 10K views on youtube alone.  Full case study here.